Honeywell Security

Complete system solutions for access control
More than 50,000 locations around the world rely on Honeywell Integrated Security systems to handle the full spectrum of today’s access control needs. Our customers know that their systems are the most secure, convenient and dependable in the world. That’s because they’re backed by an industry leader that provides worldwide support and advanced system solutions to meet their access management needs today and into the next century.

The hands-free revolution
The access control industry changed dramatically when Honeywell Integrated Security invented proximity access control a quarter century ago. Honeywell Integrated Security’s proximity technology allowed authorized personnel to gain access to secure areas by simply presenting a Command Key to a sensor. No physical contact was necessary; the sensors were able to read a Command Key even when it remained in a user’s purse, pocket, wallet or briefcase. The hands-free access control revolution had begun. Honeywell Integrated Security’s pioneering efforts evolved into today’s state-of-the-art hands-free access control technology utilizing Digital Signal Processing.

System flexibility with multiple technologies
Honeywell Integrated Security quickly gained a worldwide reputation as a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-quality access control systems and began its domination of the proximity access control market.

Honeywell Integrated Security then expanded the flexibility of its systems by adding multiple-technology capabilities to its entire product line. With proximity, magnetic stripe, bar code, keypad, photo ID, smart card, and biometric capabilities from which to choose, users of Honeywell Integrated Security systems can now select the specific technology combination that best suits the needs of different applications, or they can add yet another level of security by using multiple technologies at each door.

Integrated system solutions
Honeywell Integrated Security is the only single source manufacturer of complete analog and digital proximity access control systems. Our product line includes all the necessary components for integrating everything from a simple security system to highly customized, large systems with hundreds of CCTV cameras and sophisticated alarm monitoring devices. From powerful host software to advanced controllers, readers and cards, all essential elements of Honeywell Integrated Security systems are designed, tested and built to work as synergistic components of a single system.

Our products are also designed to permit the seamless integration of existing systems and future technologies, providing an upwardly compatible access control solution that will always fit your needs — no matter how small you start or how large you grow.