Home Theater

Want to create a movie theater in your home? We can do it. We’ll give you an outstanding experience with our home theater. Be the envy of your friends when you’re entertaining with the best sound and picture. Add a touch of automation to control curtains, dim the lights and start a movie to increase the effect of a “true” movie theater.

With the advances in front projection technology, a large format theater can be brought home at a price never before possible. With THX quality sound, the highest resolution HDTV projectors, and large screens you can start enjoying your favorite films in style in the comfort of your own home.
If you have a room that you can dedicate to your home theater, we can work with you and your design team to build a dream theater complete with lighting control, motorized chairs, acoustic paneling and a fully decorated theme.
If you, like most people, don’t have a room to dedicate to a theater, a living room installation is becoming increasingly popular. At the touch of a button, a screen and projector drop from the ceiling while your lights dim and shades close. These “media rooms” allow large format viewing in the primary living area of the house without dominating the carefully designed décor.