Lighting Control

Lighting control is one of the most important parts of home automation. A smart home is not complete without integrating the lights, shades and HVAC system. Lighting control serves multiple functions:
•    Consolidates blocks of switches on the wall into an elegant keypad or touch panel
•    Allows remote control from another room in the house. For example you can turn off all the lights in your house from your bedroom with a touch screen control like your iPad.
•    Allowing multiple light loads to be turned on with a “scene” saves time and money. A “scene” is a way for a single button to control multiple lights. For instance, when you get home, instead of going around and spending a few minutes turning on the five or six lights you always like to have on at night, you can press one button instead that turns all of those lights on instantly to preset dimming levels.
•    Running lights at present dimming levels will save you money on your electrical bill and the upfront cost of the lighting control system will eventually pay for itself in energy savings.
Lighting control systems can work in conjunction with motorized shades and your heating and air conditioning system to provide the ultimate in environmental control. Shades can be lowered at certain times of day to reduce cooling costs in the home and can be opened at other times to allow natural light to take the place of artificial light.